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Carpet Cleaning

Carpet Cleaning Miami offers affordable carpet cleaning services at convenient hours because we are aware that flooring, and carpeting in particular, is a huge financial investments for any home or office owner.

We encourage our clients to take preventive measures to help preserve their floor covering, like using mats in high traffic areas, vacuuming frequently, and asking family members and gusts to remove their shoes before stepping on the carpet.

While your efforts do count, you should know that they work optimally in coordination with regular professional cleaning. Over time dirt and dust accumulate deep in the fabric of carpet, which causes carpets to lose their vibrate colors and look old and worn. Vacuums are unable to bring back color and durability and they certainly cannot remove stubborn stains like Carpet Cleaning Miami can.

Professional Carpet Cleaning

First time home owners might not realize that standard vacuums alone cannot remove all the dirt and soil residing deep inside your carpet. In order to truly deep clean your carpets, professionals like Carpet Cleaning Miami use a truck mounted carpet cleaning unit. This machine uses a very powerful suction to remove harmful pathogens while at the same time removing stains and sanitizing carpets down to their fibers. This will make your carpets an unfriendly place for allergens and bacteria to live, but the process should be reputed twice yearly.

Carpet Steam Cleaning

Our truck mounted cleaning machines help us to steam clean your carpets and experts agree that no other cleaning method can penetrate as deeply or remove stains and soil as thoroughly. First, oil and dirt is broken up by the application of a surface cleaner. Then, hot water is combined to lift oil, dander, and other impurities. The neatest part about this machine is that it also sucks up the cleaning water at the same time, leaving you with little dry time necessary.

Steam cleaning will keep your carpets looking great, but it is also super beneficial for your health, as it removes dust, allergens, and pollutants that cause breathing problems, water eyes, sore throats, etc.

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