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Carpet Cleaning in Miami

Feet Up Carpet Cleaning Miami (AKA: Carpet Cleaning Miami) offers the residents of Miami professional carpet and upholstery cleaning service suitable for commercial and residential properties. All cleaning products and tools involved in the cleaning process are friendly for humans and pets because our business is a green thinking supporter. We can remove common carpet stains as well as old carpet stains making your environment clean and fresh.

Carpet prices are on the rise, so why not save money by maintaining your carpets instead of buying new ones. We have a customized cleaning process for any type of carpet, which help preserve the color of the carpet and prolong its life.

Furniture Upholstery Cleaning

Furniture Upholstery Cleaning

You cannot ignore your furniture for long. Even if you not using your living room, over time any fabric, including upholstered furniture collect dust and other pollutant from the air. Therefore you should work regular upholstery cleaning service into your schedule and budget.

Feet Up Carpet Cleaning Miami technicians will inspect your upholstery before the cleaning process start, in order to determine the right cleaning method appropriate for your upholstery and identify problematic areas before the actual treatment. This way we will be able to prevent any damage when cleaning upholstery. Our upholstery cleaning services incorporate special steam technology that is able to remove even the toughest stains from upholstery fabric surfaces.

Green Cleaning Solutions

Green Carpet Cleaning

The green cleaning products we use for office and house cleaning services are much milder and made especially to be used around children and pets. For example, the solution is made from natural ingredients, which results in a healthy and Eco-Friendly cleaning.

Feet Up Carpet Cleaning Miami technicians incorporate dry carpet cleaning and carpet steam cleaning methods. Both methods comply with environment friendly demands and avoid the usage of harmful hydrocarbon solvents. The drying time is also cut in half during those treatments.

Our Additional Cleaning Services

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- our representative will be happy to assist you!

Boat Cleaning Service

Boat Cleaning Service

As a harbor city, some of Miami resident also own boat, therefore we offer a variety of yacht and boat cleaning services. We know that it is time consuming to keep your boat clean at all time, so just save yourself the time and hassle call us at 954-289-2700 for our boat upholstery and carpet cleaning services.

Duct Work Cleaning

Air Duct Cleaning

Miami is a place that most of the time is hot and humid, therefore the air condition is usually on and we rarely open a window, which mean that the air we breathe while we are home pass through the air condition air duct.

Poorly maintained air conditioning systems are among the sources of air pollution in your home or business. Dust particles and bacteria will be transferred into your breathing environment through air conditioning passages aggravating health hazards. For individuals with respiratory sensitivities and allergy symptoms inappropriate management of HVAC systems will cause severe inconvenience.

Knowing when it is time for air duct cleaning is tricky, most professional advice to have them clean once every 2-3 years, but it also depend on your environment. So, if you are not sure if it is time to clean your air duct, give us a call and we will send a technician to inspect your air duct and let you know if they need cleaning or not. Our technicians use the latest equipment to inspect and clean your HAVC duct, dryer duct and more.

Customer's Reviews
"The call center quickly contacted me, quickly came to my house, completely solved the mold problem. The wall got wet because of the drainpipe and mold started to grow. Everything was done, the mold was removed. But before starting work, they checked whether the wall was dry and made other measurements. Pro guys. Recommend."
John S.
"Our problem with mold on the window and walls was resolved. The mold is finally gone. Previously, we tried to remove the mold and repeatedly cleaned with whiteness and various means, but the mold still returned. It's been more than a month since I contacted the company and now everything is fine! Thank you!"
Kate Bennet
"I was extremely satisfied with the crew's professionalism and thoroughness.
They did an excellent steam cleaning and deodorizing job on my sectional! I definitely recommend this company!!..."
Armando R.
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