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FAQ - Carpet Cleaning Miami

I spilled some red wine on my carpet. What is the best way to get the stain out without damaging my carpet?

If you clean the stain immediately or in the first day or two, you will get better results for all stains. If you wait longer, the stain will be harder to remove. Each carpet is made with different types of fibers and reacts differently to various methods of cleaning. Therefore, you must first test the stained carpet before scrubbing or extracting the stain. There are some carpets that have high sensitivity to any acidic cleaners because the color will fade quickly. There are other carpets that have high sensitivity to harsh alkaline cleaners.

Make sure you use the right spotter and start with the milder one. Ensure that you neutralize any high alkaline or acidic cleansers. You don't want to damage your carpet.

The basic baking soda can clean stains from your carpet quickly. Using ice cubes to clean gum and candle drippings on a carpet is more ideal than using harsh chemicals. The best procedure to get rid of stains is to start with the middle of the spot and use a clean white towel to blot the spot gently. You can use a meat tenderizer to loosen the stain. Never put too much water, detergent or shampoo on the carpet stain.

Do not rub the stained area. Instead, if it is a liquid spill, use a clean paper towel or a white towel to suck up the liquid stain. For sticky stains, scrape with a flat spoon or other flat object. Use a mixture of 1-cup of warm water and 1/2- teaspoon of dishwashing liquid and add it to a clean white towel and blot the carpet spill until the stain is removed. Afterwards, you can rinse the stained area with a mixture of a few teaspoons of white vinegar added to one-cup of water and blot with another clean towel.

From time to time, you might want to consider having your carpet cleaned using the hot water extraction method (carpet steam cleaning) to remove and flush out all dirt and stains from your carpet.

Is wool carpet fiber the best and what are the best cleaning methods for a wool carpet?

Every carpet is made up of different fibers. Wool seems to be the only fiber that is the most resilient and has a texture that can resist even the messiest soilings. It is highly durable, recoverable and has a longer fiber consistency retention rate. Wool fibers are stretchable up to thirty percent without the fear of tearing. Wool releases soil up to twenty-five percent more than other synthetic fibers. On the outer layer and cuticle is a fine surface that is waxed and has scales that overlap giving it the ability to keep the soil in the upper areas so that it can be easily removed.

There is a membrane on the cuticle of the wool carpet that keeps water from invading each wool fiber. It permits the carpet fiber to soak up the moisture in the form of vapor, which leaves the carpet less damp.

Wool carpet needs proper cleaning maintenance to keep its appearance intact. To manage your wool carpet cleaning, take into account, patterns of traffic, amount of soiling, cleaning schedules and method of cleaning used. To do any type of deep cleaning, be sure to check the amount and nature of the soiling to decide the type of cleaning method necessary (steaming, hot water extraction or otherwise).

How often should I vacuum my carpet and why?

Your carpet needs to be regularly vacuumed at least once per week especially in high traffic households. Regular vacuuming helps to extend the life of your carpet. Take time to vacuum the crevices and corners around any baseboard or radiator. Pay close attention to areas where people sit the most and also where they walk. Vacuum each section a few times and make sure to go slowly over these areas to give the dirt suctioned process the best chance to do its job. Contact our carpet cleaning specialists in Miami if you have more questions.

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