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Truck Mounted Carpet Cleaning Systems

There is no greater comfort than the luxurious feel of a carpeted floor. The carpet, however, can be the biggest carrier of dirt and dust because it covers the largest part of a room and takes all the litter carried by weary shoes. While regular carpet vacuuming takes out some of the dirt, a professional cleaning done on a regular basis is the secret to increase the life of the carpet and the health of those who step on it. The most efficient method used to clean carpets is by calling in experts from Feet Up Carpet Cleaning Miami who utilize truck mounted carpet cleaning systems. This is because they need little time for setting up the equipment and can do an effective job of large scale carpet cleaning.

Basic Types of Truck Mounted Equipment

There are two types of truck mounts. The first is the "slide in" type that has its own power generation system and the truck merely carries the equipment. It can be used by mounting on different trucks. It is fuel and space efficient. The maintenance and operation of such "slide in" equipment are difficult.

The other type is the "Engine Powered" type which is connected to the engine of the truck. The operation is controlled by a clutch. The equipment is compact, simple to use and reliable. It is not fuel efficient and is fixed to the truck on which it is mounted.

Technical Overview

The motors of truck mounted cleaners are powered by either gas or electricity. Gas powered cleaners have the highest heat and the greatest amount of vacuum. Electric powered cleaners are less noisy and environment friendly.

Truck mounted cleaners should be fuel efficient, have a steady water supply and pump pressure. Some truck mounted cleaners have a waste tank capacity of 70 gallons. Only two hoses - one for cleaning and the other for extraction - are brought into the building. A stainless steel hose reel fitted in the truck or to the equipment unwinds the hose. The hoses carry the required chemicals to deep clean, dry, deodorize and extract waste water from the carpet. Some truck mounted cleaners have steam cleaning systems which use steam blowers to clean the carpet. This is an efficient method to clean high rise buildings.

Advantages versus Disadvantages

The advantages of hiring truck mounted cleaning systems are that there is no splashing water used. The furniture is not scratched, no heavy machinery is brought indoors and no dents are left on the carpet because of moving heavy carpet cleaning machines. In a commercial establishment or office, work does not have to be completely stopped because of cleaning the carpets.

The disadvantages of truck mounted cleaning units are that sometimes the dust spewed settles back on the building that has been cleaned. The noise made by the truck can be annoying in quiet neighborhoods. The hose is not long enough for cleaning high rise buildings.

Summary of Truck Mounts

The carpet is still the most convenient form of floor covering because it is safe to walk on, non skid, lasts long and insulates rooms in an age of spiraling energy costs. Truck mounted carpet cleaning units are the convenient method of hiring a professional to keep your valuable underfoot asset clean. Make sure that the professional cleaners know what they are doing. A cleaned carpet should dry in 4-8 hours tops and the cleaners should not over wet them. The chemicals used should be checked for shrinkage and residue build-up. A bad carpet cleaning job can end in a destroyed carpet and a disturbed household. Set your terms with the professionals before handing over the carpet cleaning job.

Powerful yet gentle cleaning

Truck mount systems are a great way to get rid of tough stains and hard to get rid out of stains. However, our cleaning methods are much more diverse and include delicate conditioners and carpet shampooers for each and every type of carpet or rug. Our services can adapt to any situation and offer you the perfect clean for both gentle and power demanding cases.

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