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Know Your Vacuum - Carpet Cleaners Vacuuming Explained

As with any product whose concept becomes popular, vacuum cleaners have developed greatly over the past decade. In fact there are now so many different types of vacuum cleaners available that it is difficult to find one that covers all of your domestic needs, making it more sensible to use professional carpet cleaning services than trying to decide which vacuum cleaner to invest in.

There are basically five types of vacuum cleaners that are available for domestic use, each one with its own qualities and drawbacks.

Deep Vacuum Cleaner

The "Deep Cleaner" is usually an upright vacuum that is very good for wide areas which are heavily soiled but it does not reach into small areas such as stairs or the corners of cupboards and rooms. The "Deep Cleaner" is quite bulky to store and needs constant attention as the bag is rather small.

Canister Vacuum

The "Canister Vacuum" which is the modern vacuum cleaner is excellent on hard surfaces and smaller carpeted areas; it can get into corners easily and is most used for cleaning stairs. Being lightweight it is easy to lug around and compact enough to store easily. Having said that because of its long hose which stretches out for cleaning it is not as powerful as upright vacuums which have more power and house larger motors. The "canister" is very small and compact but needs to be emptied regularly. Whether it is with a bag or bagless, it is always a fiddly exercise to empty and clean the bag or the dirt capsule.

Traditional Vacuum

In addition to the above there is also the standard upright vacuum cleaner which is the traditional vacuum. Over the years these have been developed to include more and more features that cope with more areas of cleaning, not only can they clean the large surfaces in a home with heavy trodden in dirt but they can also clean stairs with the use of attachments and long hoses. The motors on upright vacuums tend to be powerful but the vacuums themselves are very heavy to move around and bulky to store. Cleaning uprights is not difficult but needs to be done regularly whether it is with a bag or bagless. Some uprights are steam driven which is a very healthy way to clean the carpets, but then you need to worry about cleaning out the vacuum and disposing of the hot water after every use.

Stick Vacuum and Handheld Vacuum

The last two main types of vacuums are the sweep or stick vacuum and the handheld. Both are very suitable for quick cleans in small areas but do not have much capacity and are not particularly powerful. Lightweight vacuums like the sweep and the handheld do not have many options and the motors are very small. Anyone who invests in one of these should understand that it does not clean thoroughly and will only perform a surface clean. These are more like toys than really effective cleaning tools.

Vacuuming Solution:

Industrial vacuums are really the only vacuums that are capable of cleaning thoroughly and deeply taking care of all of the germs, dust mites, dog hairs and general dirt that is brought on to a carpet. Whether you have an Oriental rug that is an heirloom or a high pile carpet, the industrial vacuum cleaners steam clean gently, thoroughly and deeply all at the same time. Using truck mounts to give the vacuums maximum power with minimum intrusion you can be sure that your carpets are cleaned thoroughly and professionally. Using the services of professionals is a good step financially and also for your health.

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