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Upholstered Furniture Cleaning

It goes without saying that upholstered furniture, like everything else inside a house or building, gets exposed and filthy from dust and particles in the air. Upholstery cleaning should be a major part of every homeowner's maintenance budget and it is something that homeowners should do regularly every year. Feet Up Carpet Cleaning Miami encourages you to clean your upholstery regularly to help keep your furniture looking clean and in tip top shape.

More Than Just Furniture

Our upholstery team covers much more than just upholstered furniture cleaning. We also treat vinyl and leather coverings that need washing or shampooing as well as webbing, padding, and other invisible parts of furnishings.

Professional Upholstery Cleaning Service

Rather than doing all the work yourself and getting minimal results, why not take your cleaning to the next level by calling in the professionals at Feet Up Carpet Cleaning Miami?

Trained Cleaning Team

Our cleaning professionals are trained to distinguish between upholstery material as well as develop an appropriate cleaning scheme given outside factors, like stains, traffic, sunlight, etc.

High-Tech Cleaning Equipment

All furniture cleaning jobs are carried out using high powered, truck-mounted steam extraction units. This allows us to reach behind, under, on top of, and around every inch of upholstery you need cleaned.

Bedroom Furniture Cleaning

Upholstery cleaning also covers beds and mattresses. For homeowners or even hotel owners the procedure for bedroom furniture and mattress cleaning is similar. It is carried out on site and includes all upholstered headboards, chairs, ottomans, stools, etc.

What Dangers Lurk in Upholstery?

Homes and commercial spaces are usually furnished with upholstery. Just imagine the number of recliner chairs and sofas, ottomans and office chairs you come into contact with on a daily basis. Being used day in and day out means they are used by different people and therefore, contact with various bacteria and germs as well.

Even your favorite restaurant is part of the cycle. The chair you sit in, the napkins you use, they are all shared by scores of other people.

Your living room sofa probably has fewer guests than your favorite food spot, but if you come home and sit on your sofa after sitting in the restaurant's chair, what's the difference?

We can't prevent you from being exposed to air borne pathogens, but we can make your own personal space a bit more yours by professionally cleaning your upholstery, providing home mold testing or getting rid of mold out of premises.

Good As New!

When our cleaners leave after they finish the job, you will swear you do not recognize your own upholstery! We hope that you will feel a sense of cleanliness and space not present before your clean. And let us know if you have found your breathing improved, as upholstery cleaning is a known antidote in helping clean stagnant air.

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