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Rug Cleaning Services in Miami

Feet Up Carpet Cleaning Miami has been cleaning home and commercial rugs since the days when they were made from animal hides and meant to keep caves warm. Okay, maybe not literally, but we have been around a long time and have become recognized statewide for our industrial and hand rug cleaning. From common and simple synthetic fibers to weaved mats to Afghan antique rugs, our team can and will give them the best cleaning of their life.

Why do You Need a Professional for Cleaning Your Rugs?

Professional rug cleaning service has been proved to be valuable in maintaining the quality of your rugs as well as increasing their life span. You should always aspire to have your rugs cleaned; if you do not do regular cleaning, you may end up inviting health hazards in your house. Families should take extra care to prevent children from being exposed to those hazards; a child's immune system is still developing and prone to infections.

With professional area rug cleaning, you will be offered an amazing service that will leave your beautiful house sparkling clean and fresh. The process of cleaning will not be too hard for the Feet Up Carpet Cleaning Miami professionals as they combine the right skills with modern cleaning machines like steam cleaners to do the cleaning task.

Why Our Area Rug Cleaning Services

The benefits of having our area rug cleaning service in Miami include:

  1. We use the best available techniques to clean your rugs; some of the machines that we use may not be available to everyone as well as the skills and knowledge of cleaning your rug in a professional and safe way. The powerful machines that we use ensure that work is done perfectly well.
  2. Our area rug cleaning service professionals use steam cleaners to clean your rug; this ensures that they do not harbor dust mites.
  3. We also utilize eco-friendly products to do the cleaning. This protects your rug's fibers and colors, and protects your family by not exposing them to chemical residue.
  4. All our employees are professional cleaners, background checked, and have undergone intensive training to ensure you feel safe with them in your home or office.

Rug Cleaning Solutions

Rugs vary in their materials and there exists a wide selection of fabrics, styles, and fibers that run from traditional to modern including shags, hand-made Oriental and Persian rugs, area rugs, and more. Fibers can be natural, like wool or sheepskin or synthetic, like nylon, olefin or polyester. In short, rugs have different shapes, types and sizes. That's why they require special attention when dealing with each type of rug. Our local team of cleaners is always ready to utilize innovative cleaning techniques to ensure the cleaning process of your area rug is done better than you ever expected.

Steam Clean Your Rugs

We use the ever popular and effective steam cleaning method to clean synthetic fibers. This is because these fibers are manmade and most likely the rug is machine made. In other words, these kinds of rugs were made to be cleaned with methods like ours.

Onsite Rug Cleaning Processes

When you hire advanced carpet cleaners in Miami like us, the first thing we will after arriving at your property is to perform a thorough inspection on the level of damage on your rugs, noting the kinds of stains, spots, and soiling. This is an essential step in the cleaning process as it will determine the cleaning solutions that we will be required to use and the type of machines we need and the amount of time we will spend cleaning it.

After inspection, the next thing will be a thorough vacuuming of your rugs to remove any loose soils and dirt.

After vacuum cleaning the next stage will be spraying the rugs with cleaning agents to loosen the stains and spots, which is followed by steam cleaning, which involves both agitation, rinsing, and extraction, to make sure no residue remains on the rugs to prevent mold growth. After rinsing, grooming then follows using a professional brush or groomers.

Offsite Rug Cleaning

We have a special cleaning location dedicated to more special and unique rugs, ones whose value aren't defined by money alone. These rugs are dusted by hand and hand washed by cleaning professionals who also monitor their drying process. Experts will groom and repair your rugs, should they require it.

Put Your Rugs In Our Hands

Feet Up Carpet Cleaning Miami offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee. So why wait? Contact us for professional area rug cleaning in Miami, FL, today and get top-notch cleaning service for your rugs.

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