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Oriental Rug Cleaning

An oriental rug is a carpet-like heavy textile that is produced for different purposes. These carpets, like rugs, are made mainly in the Middle Eastern and Eastern Asia countries for purposes such as culture or religion. They are used locally for household use and can be sold for export purposes as well. Oriental rug cleaning is the process of professionally cleaning the rugs using unique professional procedures that are destined to restore and keep the quality of the carpets.

Oriental Rug Cleaning in Miami FL

In Miami FL many companies offer the cleaning services for the rugs. Most of these service providers provide professional and advanced services depending on the type of your oriental rug. A few of well known oriental rug cleaners near me will include Feet Up Carpet Cleaning Miami. Our area rug cleaning and eastern rug cleaning services offer quality and convenient, safe cleaning for your rugs and carpets.

Cleaning Solutions

Cleaning solutions for oriental rugs may involve different methods depending on the type of oriental rug. Some oriental rugs have a heavy textile while others are almost subject to damage when they are not washed safely.

Safe Cleaning

Safe cleaning is the use of detergents and chemicals to wash oriental rugs and carpets to remove hard water deposits, build-ups, and stains. Many cleaning detergents may contain chemicals that are harmful to human health and the environment as well.

The oriental rug cleaning process

The Eastern rug cleaning process is a cautious process that involves a number of steps to ensure durability and to avoid wearing off of the rugs.

Below are ten steps involved in the process:

  1. Inspection of the carpet/rug before wash.
  2. Conducting of a color and dye test.
  3. Dusting off the rug.
  4. Treating of stubborn massive build-up and deposits.
  5. Decontamination and treatment.
  6. Submersion of the rug.
  7. Ph conditioned rinse.
  8. Drying of the rug.
  9. Detailing of the fringes.
  10. Final inspection before wrapping for delivery or storage.

It is advisable for oriental rug cleaning in Miami to be handled by professionals to prevent dye run, reduce rug buckling and shrinkage as well as proper removal of dirt. It is important to use a gentle cleaning method as well.

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