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Professional Mold Testing Services in Miami, FL

Miami has warm temperatures and plenty of humidity all year round, making it a popular place to live and relax. It's also the ideal climate for mold to thrive in. Because of the heat and humidity, Florida residents often google 'mold testing near me' because many know that where there is moisture, there is a high chance for mold growth.

Mold Exposure Can Make You Feel Sick

Some people often believe they have sinus or hay fever problems. They are forever blowing their noses and rubbing their watery, red, itchy, eyes. But did you know that being exposed to mold can cause these same symptoms? Even worse, black mold or Stachybotrys is often associated with headaches, Aspergillosis (fungal lung infection), and can even lead to cancer. Mold detection can help you better understand and narrow down the causes of such symptoms.

Testing for Mold When Buying or Selling a Property

Maybe you recently purchased or are looking to buy a home and wish to see if it has mold. If that proves to be true, it would be a valid reason to cancel your contract and is something you can discuss with our professional mold testing specialist. Knowing if a house has mold, you could ask the seller to reduce the price or even hold them responsible to fix the mold issues. And if you're planning on selling your property, having a certified report showing that it's mold-free can increase its market value.

Mold and Indoor Air Quality

Mold spores can adversely affect the indoor air quality of a home. If you suspect your house has a mold problem, our certified mold specialist can perform an air quality test to find out for sure. We will never recommend mold remediation services unless the mold testing report indicates there are more mold spores inside your home than there are outside your home.

Black Mold Detection

If black mold is discovered after black mold tests, it will need urgent remediation. You might be shocked to learn that mold can hide and grow in places you never dreamed of - behind the HVAC vents, in the walls, behind pictures, etc. Even your air conditioner can be a breeding ground for mold. It's important to have the air ducts cleaned regularly to avoid mold spreading like cancer throughout the entire house using the duct system.

Mold Testing vs Mold Inspection

Mold testing involves a mold specialist taking samples of the indoor air or from surfaces where mold is suspected to be growing, like those dark spots on the ceiling or walls. The collected samples are then analyzed by an independent lab where it will determine the type of mold present and its concentration levels in your indoor air. This mold identification process will not only determine if there's hidden mold but also let you know if it's toxic or not.

Mold inspection involves a certified mold inspector visually checking your property for signs of mold or the moisture problems that commonly come with that. If mold is found, the inspector will determine the size of the affected area, the cause of the mold growth, and give you a recommended remediation action plan.

Cost of Mold Testing & Inspection

Mold inspection $149
Mold testing (two indoor samples and one outdoor) $395
Additional sample for mold testing (if needed) $95
Moisture issues detection $129

Why Choose Us for Mold Detection?

  1. We're experts in the field of mold inspection and testing.
  2. We offer services for both homes and businesses.
  3. We're equipped with the most advanced equipment to accurately check for mold.
  4. Our specialists are certified and have vast experience.
  5. We follow the proven industry standards to detect mold.

If you experience flooding or water damage in your home, found strange colored spots on the walls or other surfaces, or noticed a musty, damp smell of mold in your house, call us right away.

Leave the Hard Part to Us

Once you put the problem in our hands, we will respond immediately to check your property. We will inspect, test, and identify toxic black mold so that you can be informed and protect yourself from the hazards of mold. If any mold is found, we will provide an effective remediation plan, explain how you can make an insurance claim, and clearly describe the required mold removal process its costs.

You never need worry about getting testing when you need it. Together with our partner, O2 Mold Testing, we have a rapid response time and superior availability for your appointment, so you can receive services when you need them the most, without long wait times.

Call Feet Up Carpet Cleaning Miami now at 954-289-2700 and schedule mold testing services with our local team.

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