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Your Hardwood Floor Cleaner in Miami

Compared to carpets, wood and laminate flooring provide a look that is cleaner, brighter, and more valuable. Unfortunately, wood floor cleaning can often be a challenge. Many experts recommend using protective padding for furniture to prevent scratches, scrapes, and gouges, which is undoubtedly a good idea. However, these types of floors represent unique challenges when it comes to keeping them in good condition and looking great.

What Causes Wood Floor Damage

Even with sweeping and mopping, dirt and grime can still settle into floor cracks and seams and surfaces can easily become stained or warped with water exposure, mold can start to grow if they have not been treated with a suitable finish.

Cleaning with products that contain ammonia or unsuitable pH levels can also cause costly damage. And, if you live in Miami, frequent trips to the beach means that it is almost impossible to prevent sand from tracking into your home and scratching the finish.

Bring Back That Luster And Shine!

When the normal wear and tear of everyday life causes your floors to lose their original luster, simple wood floor cleaning will not be enough to restore them to their original beauty.

When this time comes around, make sure to call the experts at Feet Up Carpet Cleaning Miami. We will employ a comprehensive approach and process that is certain to leave your floors or decking looking as good as the day you bought them.

More Than Just A Clean

Our loyal professionals won't just clean your finished surfaces, we will completely refinish them. After sanding down uneven scratches and blemishes, we can use a filler to repair any gouges, cracks or holes. Sealing the surface and applying a strong finisher will make all the surfaces more durable and better able to resist stains and scratches.

Finally, we will finish off with a wax and polish with products specifically designed for the wood elements in your home.

Have Feet Up Carpet Cleaning Miami recreate that glossy and lustrous look you've been after.

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