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Fire Damage Restoration in Miami

Recovering From A Nightmare

Once the smoke clears after a major fire you are left with charred walls and furnishings, upholstery with traces of burns and smoldered bits of fabric, and the lingering acrid smell of smoke.

It might seem totally overwhelming, however if you deal with fire water damage quickly and correctly, you can salvage items that might appear at first to be a total loss.

Feet Up Carpet Cleaning Miami team of fire and water restoration experts will take care of the whole process for you. We will not only inspect, clean, and sanitize your home, we will also restore certain expensive items of your home, like carpet and upholstery, as well as work with your insurance company.

Overcoming the Biggest Challenges

Fire damage restoration goes far beyond opening the windows to dry up traces of water used to put out the fire, cleaning, vacuuming or even re-painting the walls. In fact, none of these methods will actually remove the lingering smell of smoke that so many homeowners report even months after the fire occurred.

Take a look at some of the professional restoration methods we follow:

  • Eliminate smoke odors forever with a process called thermal fogging. The persistent smell of smoke is caused when the intense heat generated by fires expands wall surfaces to allow smoke to seep into wall pores. Fogging will neutralize and deodorize your walls, furniture, carpets, and rugs in order to fully permanently remove these odors.
  • Dry carpets and furnishings completely and thoroughly. Water damage is often a residual side-effect of extinguishing a fire. You need to act fast in order to prevent the formation of health-threatening prevent the formation of health-threatening mold spores in your carpets, rugs, furniture, and upholstery. Don't be fooled into thinking that your carpet or upholstery is dry just because it feels dry. Professional water extraction removes water trapped below the surface and between cracks, which is where mold best breeds.
  • We also bring in dehumidifiers and sanitation equipment, which remove mold spores, extra moisture in the air and neutralize any harmful bacteria, respectively.

Don't wait for the secondary fire damage effects to begin, call us today!

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