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For a relatively new city, established in 1904, the growth of Dania FL has been tremendous. From the early Danes who settled and gave the name of Dania until today, each and every resident appreciates the beauty and richness of this seaside city that has become the Antique center of the South.

Whether you have a business or live locally, the services that Dania Carpet Cleaning provides are essential for healthy living that can control allergies & asthma in your home and place of work. Dania Carpet Cleaning offers a wide range of services from upholstery cleaning to house carpet cleaning services, industrial carpet cleaning services to rug cleaning, leather cleaning and even tile and grout cleaning. No job is too large or small for our team of highly skilled, reliable and fast technicians who are even happy to divulge a few cleaning tips as they work. Dania Carpet Cleaning is more than your average carpet cleaners!

Living in a place like Dania inspires you to enjoy the beautiful surroundings rather than stay cooped up home cleaning and worrying about how you will complete your duct cleaning. Using the services of Dania Carpet Cleaning is a smart move. At Dania Carpet Cleaning we offer comprehensive packages that can take care of all of your cleaning needs, from curtain upholstery cleaning, leather cleaning, regular upholstery cleaning, grout cleaning and even auto interior cleaning.

Our technicians use the most up to date state of the art truck mounts which are non intrusive. Truck mounted carpet cleaning units, which are the best carpet cleaning equipment, are the key for getting professional results. We are always happy to build a cleaning plan to suit your needs. Our carpet cleaning supply is efficient and innovative. In fact, Dania Carpet Cleaning is known as a green carpet cleaners which uses only natural carpet cleaning product.

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Call us now at Dania Carpet Cleaning for a free estimate and we will be happy to send one of our technicians to discuss a carpet cleaning product and carpet cleaning supply plan with you, whether it is for professional carpet cleaning or floor cleaning with wax and polish or even just upholstery cleaning. We offer 100% satisfaction guarantee and are not finished until the customer is satisfied.

Whether you need your wood floor cleaning or air duct cleaning, need our move in and out cleaning or simply mattress cleaning, we are happy to offer a service. At Dania Carpet Cleaning we even offer "cleaning out my closet" service where we go through your closet, sort everything out and then perform a thorough clean. Plus, our loyal technicians are happy to offer useful tips for carpet cleaning in case you need one. At Dania Carpet Cleaning we will work around your schedule whether it is for commercial carpet cleaning or business carpet cleaning.

The last and most important thing to mention is our 24/7 Emergency services in response for wet carpet drying and also other 24/7 emergency services in cases of cleaning carpet stains and other possible emergencies. If a situation requires, at Dania Carpet Cleaning we also provide a free pick and delivery for precious rugs and upholstery at our off site facility. Using the services of Dania Carpet Cleaning leaves time to stroll along Antique Row and visit the newly developed Dania Marina, in short - enjoy the beautiful vibrant city that you live in! If you live in Miami check out carpet cleaners in Miami for additional services throughout Miami-Dade County.

At Dania Carpet Cleaning we try to make everything as comfortable as possible for our customers and this includes our payment terms. We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover Payment Options. You can even buy coupons to use at a later date in exchange for services.

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