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Boat Cleaning Services in Miami

Boat cabins come in all shapes and sizes. Whether you have staterooms to spare or a sparse seaworthy kitchen and napping area, you will enjoy your cabin space more when it's cleaned thoroughly at regular intervals.

Boat Carpet Cleaning

Keeping carpets and rugs clean in boat cabins is particularly challenging. Standard carpet cleaning tips, like taking care of spills as soon as they happen, are usually not adhered to out on the open sea. Your boat's carpets may already be showing the telltale signs of life on the open seas. Do you have stains from spilled drinks, distinctive odors, blood and slime left over from the daily catch or even mold formations from over moisturization?

Feet Up Carpet Cleaning Miami boat cleaning experts will use high-powered equipment, the appropriate cleaning solutions, and proven techniques to eradicate odors and spots by flushing out every speck of dirt that has found its way onto the carpet's fibers.

Boat Upholstery Cleaning

Though vinyl is a common choice for topside boat upholstery, other fabrics are also found, particularly so below deck. Regardless of the type(s) of upholstery used on your boat furniture, we will addresses typical seaside issues, such as the growth of mildew, fabric degradation due to exposure to salt water and other elements, and the eradication of other types of stains and odors as well. As a preventative measure, protective products can be applied to freshly cleaned upholstery.

Boat Interior Cleaning

Staterooms: For yacht owners, our professionals offer modular stateroom cleaning that you can customize to suit your needs. Stick with carpet, window and upholstery cleaning, or add closet cleaning, bed service or any other cleaning service that you require.

Galley: Hearty appetites prevail when out to sea, therefore regular galley deep cleaning is basic boat care. In addition to cleaning all appliances, we will also tend to counter tops, windows, wooden surfaces, and handles.

Feet Up Carpet Cleaning Miami allows you to customize your cleaning experience to fit your specific needs, from straightforward cabin carpet and upholstery cleaning to more extensive cleaning sessions. Call 954-289-2700 today for a free estimate.

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