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Why We Need Eco Safe Carpet Cleaning Products

In an age when people are obsessed with health and cleanliness, it is ironic that many common cleaning products contain dangerously toxic chemicals that cause a myriad of health problems. People will drink bottled water and douse themselves with hand sanitizer to keep dirt and germs at bay, but won't think twice about the chemicals in items such as glass cleaner, carpet cleaner or dish soap.

Indoor Pollution

Indoor pollution is a growing concern for many people, since so many of us spend a majority of our time indoors. Air quality inside a house can be adversely affected by many chemical cleaners.

Carpet Cleaners and Indoor Air Quality

One of the biggest offenders to a home's air quality is carpet cleaners. When people use a commercial carpet cleaner, they are trying to remove allergens, such as dirt, pet dander, mold, smoke and dust, and maintain a healthy, dry indoor environment. However, many carpet cleaners are laden with toxic chemicals that can actually decrease the air quality of your home.

Some common symptoms reported by people after they have had their carpets cleaned include nausea, dizziness and fatigue. In fact, long term exposure to the chemicals in carpet cleaners has been linked to kidney and repository disease.

Choose Eco-Friendly and Safe for Health Cleaners

In response to growing concern over indoor pollution, there are many eco safe carpet cleaning supplies now available to consumers. Eco safe cleaning products help people deal with indoor pollution in their homes, while still cleaning them just as effectively as chemical cleaners. Homeowners who select eco safe products over toxic chemical cleaners will suffer none of the side effects traditionally associated with carpet cleaners.

Impact on the Environment

An added bonus that should not be overlooked when considering eco safe cleaning products is their impact on the environment. Because eco safe products are non-toxic and one hundred percent biodegradable, they are safe for soil and water.

Eco safe products contain absolutely no phosphates or petroleum distillates, which can harm children and pets. Not only will homeowners, their families and pets be safe from chemicals, but so will their neighbors and any surrounding wildlife.

Eco safe carpet cleaning products are as gentle on your carpets and upholstery as they are on your family and the environment. Traditional carpet cleaners with toxic chemicals often do more damage than good. Chemical carpet cleaners can reduce the lifespan of a carpet through fading, shrinking and corroding carpet fibers. With eco safe products, you can rest assured that while your carpets are being cleaned they are not being damaged at the same time.

Powerful Characteristics

Just because eco-safe cleaning products are gentle on the environment and safe for children and pets, doesn't mean they aren't tough on dirt. Quite the contrary. Eco safe carpet cleaning products are powerful enough to clean and deodorize carpets and upholstery, and clean the most stubborn stains, including lipstick, grease, oil and chocolate. Use eco-safe carpet cleaning products to clean an entire carpet or just touch up a small stain. Along with cleaning, eco-safe products also kill harmful bacteria, which lower a home's air quality, leading to many adverse health conditions.

Eco safe carpet cleaning products are safe for people, pets and the environment. They are gentle on carpets, while at the same time act as a powerful cleaner. Eco safe products are an ideal solution for anyone who suffers from asthma or allergies. They can be used in the home, office or classroom. Make you whole world cleaner, fresher and safer through eco-safe cleaning products.

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